Other people's limitations are not your own. Isn't that a beautiful truth? I can't tell you how many times in my life, whether personally or professionally, by a friend or manager, that i've been told that I can't do something. That it's not within my bandwidth. That it's outside of my scope. That I'm too young. Too inexperienced. Too... something. 

The reality is that people set expectations for others based on what they believe they can or can't accomplish themselves. They set parameters for themselves based on an ingrained and nurtured fear of inadequacy.  We allow jealousy to cloud what we believe others are capable of. "It took me 4 years to get that promotion, there's no WAY that you could do it in less time". The fact of the matter is- you are a different person with a unique set of skills and a perspective that is entirely your own. You are an individual who is a complicated mix of biology, psychology, and sociology, whose environment and experience have shaped you into the person that you are NOW. You network differently. You approach problems with a varied perspective. You've lived through both beauty and horror in a way that no one else has before you. And you've made it through.

Today is a different day than yesterday, and you are a different person than the person who tried before you.

As well intentioned as they may be, if you allow other people's limitations and expectations to cloud your sense of self and shadow what you believe you're capable of- you will forever remain in a state of limbo. Unsatisfied and un-satiated by your relationships and life's experiences.

Other people's fear, self-doubt, and internal struggles are not yours to take on. Other people's limitations are not your own and just because something was done one way last year, doesn't mean that you need to approach the problem with the same perspective today.