My Gramma Jane used to tell me that the only thing you can count on in life is change. It's the way you react to that change that ultimately defines who you are. 

The older I get and the more I grow professionally, the more aware I have become of the importance of consistency. Consistency in friendships, consistency in working relationships, consistency in community, consistency with yourself.  

There's nothing more valuable than the trust that someone will show up when they say they will. That they will get things done right the first time and will treat you with respect and kindness regardless of the changes and pain that life inevitably throws their way. The consistent trust that they will apologize and take accountability when the expectations above are undershot. I've learned this by falling short one too many times.

Consistency, like balance, is a funny thing. How do you show up for everyone in your life, show up for your work responsibilities, your social responsibilities, your community- and still care for yourself? Care for yourself in the way that will continue to fill your cup enough for it to overflow into the aforementioned pools and pillars of your life?

When is consistency key and when is it burn out? When is self-care consistent and when does it border on self-indulgence? How do you care for yourself and find the strength to care for the rest of the world? How do you provide for and compromise with those around you, while still maintaining an unwavering sense of self?

This seems to be an age old conundrum (all the more relevant in the current American political climate) and I'd be lying if I claimed to have all the answers. As of now my belief lies in the idea of consistency through faith and prioritization. The idea that with change, comes growth. First you prioritize yourself, holding yourself accountable in the trust that the rest, with action, intention, and good communication, will fall into place. You maintain faith in your instincts, your endless capability to perform and the distinct feeling when you lay your head down at night that the Universe has got your back.

Saying yes to what you can, setting boundaries around saying no when you've taken on on too much, and trusting that the rest will fall into place.